Buoyant Birth!

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I’m so excited to announce my new affiliation with Buoyant Birth!

Buoyant Birth is an all-inclusive birth pool rental service founded in the Dallas area. They have made their expansion to Houston, and I’m proud to have signed on as one of their rental providers.

I speak from experience when I say that if you have the option, waterbirth is AMAZING. The comfort, weightlessness, and pain relief that slipping into a deep pool of warm water gave me was truly priceless. However, tracking down the right hoses, adapters, buying brand new towels just for the IMG_0007birth, paying to ship the birth pool to my home, and worrying about whether or not everything would go seamlessly on my birthing day was stressful!

All of our rentals include EVERYTHING you need to have your water birth: the birth pool, disposable liner, floating thermometer, air pump + drinking water quality hose to fill the pool, water pump + garden hose to drain the pool, a fish net, tarps, spa towels for Mom + baby, cleaning towels, a laundry bag for used linens, trash bags and multiple hose connectors. In short, we provide a simple all-inclusive solution for waterbirth! We even have extra liners available for purchase in case you want to take an herbal bath with your baby afterward (and the rest of the family, since they’ll fit!).

Want to know the BEST part? You don’t clean a single thing. Return your pool, towels, and equipment wet and dirty and we take care of everything. If you’ve ever had a home waterbirth, you know how much cleaning there is to do afterwards, and that is the last thing you want to be (or SHOULD be) doing after you’ve given birth. Enjoy your babymoon and let us do the work!

We currently have Birth Pool in a Box rentals (which are awesome!), but La Bassine pools are available upon advance request.  We are also on call 24/7 if you need help with your setup or if you need a pool delivered at the last minute.

We offer both “do it yourself” pickups and scheduled delivery and pickups to suit your needs. I’m also offering set-up and take-down services to my doula clients who wish to rent a birth pool.

Those who choose the do-it-yourself option will pick up the birth pool from one of our three current Buoyant Birth rental locations, and return it to us within 72 hours of the birth.  We’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do to set up and take down the pool.

If you schedule a delivery and pickup, we’ll bring the birth pool to your home, test the connectors in your home and walk you through exactly what to do to set up and take down the pool.  Call us when your baby is born and we’ll come to your home to pick up the pool.

eco-birth-pool-lifestyle3_1If you’re my client and are having a waterbirth, I will bring the pool to your home at our last prenatal visit. If it’s not set up by the time I join you in labor, I will set it up for you.  I
will take it home with me after you have met your baby and settled in, giving your partner more time to spend with you and your new little one instead of cleaning out your birth pool!

I’m so excited to be part of this, and bringing easy, headache-free waterbirth options to Houston!

Got questions? Interested and need more information? Contact me or go to http://www.buoyantbirth.com.




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