Falling into Autumn

What a busy summer I’ve had!  At first I had regret about taking July and August off from attending births, and now I’m so glad I did autumn-leafbecause I’ve been going, going, going nonstop. I am officially back “on call” though for my September mama, and am more excited than ever to jump back into a birth after my little “vacation”.

Though I did have several prenatal and postpartum visits, the main focus of the summer was the Improving Birth Rally for Change. Planning went into full swing in early summer, and I was so excited to be part of this important movement for my second year in a row. I delved in and designed our Houston rally logo, put together a brand new website, donated full doula and placenta encapsulation services to our fundraising auction, and made some simply gorgeous signs (*wink wink). We rallied for safe, respectful, evidence-based maternity care on [a VERY hot] Labor Day on the edge of Hermann Park in Houston’s Medical Center. We had a great turnout of close to 120 rally supporters, and we got some fantastic coverage from two local news stations.

Last weekend, along with my fellow Houston Doula Cooperative member and Intact Houston director Trina Evans, I taught a Circumcision Decision workshop for some new and future parents. In attendance there was a couple who had three boys circumcised before they learned the truth and made the decision to keep their fourth son intact. The class was a wonderful success and we look forward to teaching another one in the Northeast Houston area in the coming months.

It’s now September, which means that planning is in it’s peak as we prepare for the 12th annual BIRTH Fair. This is my first year working as a volunteer on the planning committee, and I look forward to seeing you all on October 5th at Houston’s United Way Center! You can find me bouncing back and forth between the Houston Doula Cooperative booth and the Houston NOCIRC booth, meeting parents and parents-to-be and telling them all about doulas, providing information on routine infant circumcision, and enjoying the other 50+ vendors who will be in attendance!

In the meantime, I’ve got three mamas-in-waiting due this fall – a motherlooking forward to a healing birth center birth of her third child, a mom excited about her upcoming empowering VBAC, and a first time mama joyously awaiting the birth of her rainbow baby. It’s going to be a beautiful Autumn!



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