The Circumcision Decision


As those of you who are close to me know, the subject of circumcision is a hot button topic for me. As an active part of the Houston birth community as well as all of the networking I do online, I see so many parents who make this decision without learning the facts. Scientific, evidence-based facts.

On Saturday, August 31st, I along with the Houston Doula Cooperative and Intact Houston will be holding a brief Circumcision Decision workshop. I’m an educator at heart, and I’m excited to provide accurate information, dispel myths, and answer all of those pressing questions that parents-to-be may have regarding circumcision and proper intact care.

Whether you’re a parent-to-be, a birthworker, or just curious…you are all welcome to come out and broaden your knowledge of this sensitive topic.

The Circumcision Decision
Saturday, August 31st
Facebook event (Please RSVP!):

Unable to attend this workshop? I am now offering private Circumcision Decision and/or Intact Care classes, free of charge. Contact me to set one up and get your learn on!



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