One Year

One Year

I’ve just finished up my first year as “The Humble Doula”, and while the name was originally meant to be a play on words mostly to describe my geographic location (Humble, Texas), I really have been truly humbled by this work.

My training began in February of last year, I gained my first client soon after that, and the very first birth I attended was in July. In the last nine months, I have been so incredibly privileged to have supported ten incredible mothers in their birth journeys and have witnessed eleven sweet babies enter this world. There have been incredible triumphs and grueling challenges, overwhelming joys and heartbreaking struggles.

I have held the hand of a woman who birthed her second son vaginally and without drugs after the surgeon who performed her first delivery told her she couldn’t. I’ve encouraged a woman through the birthing of her first child while her husband was away and unreachable in the military. I’ve given all of my heart and soul to women undergoing excruciating induction, a woman who confidently chose a surgical birth, and a woman whose incredible strength humbled us all as she labored on, knowing that not only was she going to meet her healthy baby girl, but also her sweet angel twin sister.

A few weeks ago, I supported two women through their very long births with less than a day between them. After leaving the second one, I got into my car and cried the “ugly cry”. I was beyond exhausted, missed my own babies, and that compared with the incredible high that follows each birth was just too much to hold in.

When the tears subsided, I took a deep breath and smiled. The months to come are rich with unique families and ripe with new challenges. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach and joy in my heart. I can’t believe I am so lucky to help build confidence in new parents, witness such incredible strength of women, see such love between partners, and experience such joy from these parents upon the miracle of their babies transitioning earthside.

I am truly a humbled doula.



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