How To Spot a Fake Ergo Baby Carrier

Can you spot the fake Ergo?

NOTE: See the added follow-up e-mails from ERGObaby at the bottom.

EDIT 10/12/2012: I finally got my refund! After months of back and forth, the seller saying I never sent the carrier back despite three delivery attempts by USPS, numerous phone calls to eBay and PayPal, I finally got my money back (AND return & RE-return shipping costs). Hooray!

Once my youngest got to be about 19 pounds, I started looking into soft structured carriers to replace our wrap carriers. I decided on the Ergo baby carrier, but was deterred by the price. I went poking around on eBay, and found lots of carriers for way less than retail. I bid and won an Ergo in Galaxy Grey for $69 and $15 shipping. I was so excited to find such a bargain!

After my purchase I started looking up how to do a back-carry, and came across a site showing how to spot a fake Ergo carrier. I had no idea there were counterfeit carriers being made, and became convinced that the carrier I’d ordered on eBay was going to be fake. I contacted the seller, opened a claim, and waited for the carrier to arrive. In the meantime, since I needed the Ergo for a trip, I ordered the same carrier from an authorized Ergo seller to replace the fake one.

The first carrier (the supposedly fake one) arrived, and I was shocked to find that it looked just like the pictures of “real” Ergos on the “how to spot a fake” sites. Down to the logo on the zipper. I dropped my case with the seller and left good feedback, once again thrilled with my bargain.

A few days later, the Ergo from the authorized seller came and I immediately saw a difference. Upon first glance comparing them, the fabric was different, the logo tag was different….yet several things (including the buckles) were exactly the same. I thought maybe it was an old style, but called Ergo customer service to check. The very friendly customer service rep assured me that if it was at ALL different than the one that came from the authorized seller, it was fake.  A very, VERY convincing fake. As someone who had never taken a close look at a real Ergo in person before, it’s easy to see why I was fooled.

Let’s compare, shall we?

First came the box. The REAL carrier came in the box on the left, and the FAKE carrier came in the box on the right. I’m not sure if this was an old style box that they used or if they came up with a completely new one on their own, but it was convincing.

Back (again – real on the left, fake on the right):

An old way to tell if your Ergo was counterfeit was to look at the buckles. Real carriers are supposed to say “STEALTH” on the buckles. Well, these fakes are getting good because the buckles on this one are identical. Real on top, fake on the bottom.

One of the first things I noticed between the two carriers was the logo patch. The real one on the left has a very light teal colored upper part of the shell(?), while the fake one is darker blue. Again – if you’ve never seen an Ergo in person before, you could easily be duped.

A look at the front of the carrier. Real on the top, fake on the bottom.

Warning label: Real on the top/left, fake on the bottom/left.

The stitching on the fake carrier is a different color than the fabric of the carrier, while the stitching on the real carrier matches the fabric color. Real on top, fake on the bottom.

The patterned fabric was the same print, but a different shade of grey. The fake carrier on the right had a yellower shade of grey than the real carrier on the left.

The embroidery is REALLY close, but still different between carriers. Real on top, fake on the bottom. Also notice the wonky stitching on the fake carrier on the bottom.

Perhaps one of the most noticeable differences between the carriers were the straps. Compared to the real Ergo, the straps on the fake one are very thin – both in density and width. Real is on the top, fake is on the bottom.

Near identical zipper pulls. Real on the top, fake on the bottom.

The stitching holding the straps to the carrier was very different between the carriers. Real on top, fake on the bottom.

There are other subtle differences, like the shade of grey (hard to pick up in pictures), the shininess of the straps, and a few other things. But overall, what I learned from this lovely experience is to not trust eBay sellers, and if a bargain looks too good to be true – it probably is. These cheap counterfeits are not held to the same standards (if any) as real Ergo carriers. Your child’s safety is worth more than saving a few bucks. PLEASE only purchase from a reputable, authorized Ergo retailer!

Authentic ERGObaby carrier retailers:


In response to all the comments saying that my “fake” carrier is not actually a fake, but either a second quality product or a subcontracted piece, I e-mailed ERGObaby themselves and asked them to confirm or deny. They replied the same day.

Kristina Tung, Jun 26 12:44 pm (PDT):

Hi! Recently I bought what I presumed to be an Ergo carrier from Ebay. Long story short, it looked very different than an authentic Ergo – so comparing the two carriers, I wrote a lengthy blog post with pictures (found here:

I’m getting many comments saying that the “fake” Ergo may not really be fake, but produced by ERGObaby at a cheaper cost or are flawed in some way, so they are able to be sold by “unauthorized” 3rd parties. Can you confirm or deny this?

I absolutely LOVE my (authentic) Ergo and thank you so much for any information straight from the source that I can pass along to my readers to help clear things up! Thank you!

Alisa, Jun 26 03:41 pm (PDT):

Hello Kristina,
Thank you for contacting us at ERGObaby. We do not sell flawed items to a 3rd party. Such statements are coming from the counterfeiters themselves. I have looked at the linked you provided by “the humble doula”. It is a great job in showing the differences, better than any other site claiming to know the difference. But, the counterfeiters are more than one company manufacturing in different factories. It is never quite the same. Which means that there are different so called models from the counterfeits that look different. The Galaxy Grey carrier is an example. I have seen a few variations ot counterfeits in this model. And there are other models like the black and camel carrier. I have seen this model in at least 4 different counterfeits.
Now getting back to claims ERGObaby is selling flawed carriers for cheaper is just not true.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Kristina Tung, Jun 26 04:40 pm (PDT):

Thanks so much for your answer Alisa!

Are ERGObaby carriers made in one factory then? So there should really be
no major differences between two different authentic Ergos (like fabric
variations, stitching color, etc.), correct?

Alisa, Jun 26 05:42 pm (PDT):

We have our original carriers made in China. The orgnaic carriers made in India and the performance carriers made in India as well. So to answer your question, that is correct, one factory for one type of model.


118 thoughts on “How To Spot a Fake Ergo Baby Carrier

  1. they are so close. I was in the garment manufacturing busiess for a while. I would still guess that they are being made in the same building.

    • I was going to say the same. Are they made in China? There are SEVERAL things made there, in the same factories, same materials (basically) that are pretty much identical.
      So although you aren’t buying from Ergo directly, you probably still have a quality product with a lower price tag.

      • I agree, being in the garment industry and embroidery industry, I do know a thing or two about how things are made. I also have 3 kids. Most likely made in the same factory with the same materials. I’ve seen nothing that would indicate that that carrier would be unsafe to carry a child, the only thing that would tip me off would be if there were frayed stitching etc, that could cause instability, and then you would want to stop using it immediately as with any product with the same problem. Even though the stitching is not the same on the fake, the reinforced box should hold just as well as the real one. I do have a problem with the Ebay seller selling the fake as a name brand. That is a NO NO NO. Though I believe you did get ripped off even at the discount price, there should be no problem using a fake, other than your shoulder pain from lugging a child around with less than steller padding. :)

    • I bought one at an consignment shop and didn’t realize it wasn’t “real” until 3 yrs later and tons of use. It held up just fine and I ended up selling it on craiglist. I didn’t realize it was fake until 6 months after selling it when my sister told me about counterfeits.

      I loved the fake one and told TONS of moms the wonderful benefits of the Ergo (the whole time not knowing it was not real).

      I honestly don’t care if I was wearing the real one or not. And if you don’t buy direct from the ERGO themselves, it’s not protected by a warranty anyways since you don’t have proof of purchase. One question, how is wearing a fake harming your child?

      • i think it is just about honesty and an expectation from what you are paying for – there are plenty of people who purchase and proudly wear fakes of many designer brands, of many items like clothing and handbags, however they know they are fakes and are comfortable with it. here with the baby carriers it is the same thing; if you are comfortable wearing a fake that’s fine, but then the price should reflect it so. if someone is purchasing a fake under the assumption/expectation that it’s real – then that is fraud.

  2. I certainly would not come to the conclusion based off of this experience, that you cannot trust eBay sellers. While some sellers may be dishonest, many like myself take every step possible to be honest and provide appropriate descriptions for our products. Buyers need to be cautious, check the feedback of a seller before you buy. Question the seller about the price if it seems too low, remember you get what you pay for. Consider where the item is coming from, certain countries do not abide by our copyright and patent laws. Buy items only from US sellers and speak to the seller before a purchase to feel them out a bit. Perhaps the seller them self wasn’t aware the product was a counterfeit or perhaps the product wasn’t counterfeit and ERGO simply wants you to buy it from an authorized dealer instead of an outlet. Granted the last option may not be too likely, but lets be honest here…do you really think big companies are totally honest? Aside the customer rep could be reading from a notebook and they themselves may be located in a different country. Point is just because you made a decision to buy something that you knew was under-priced doesn’t mean that eBay and eBay sellers across the board are to blame. Perhaps you need to pay a little more attention when something appears to be too good to be true ;-).

  3. Wow! I had no idea. I think I have a FAKE! My stitching is the same color as the fabric and I don’t have wonky stitching, so it is very hard to tell. But, I have a fake box and the warning label is fake.

  4. Holy Cow, this is crazy!!! THANK YOU for such a thorough post. When I DO need to finally buy an Ergo in the future (I’ve always wanted one but need a new baby first!!), I’ll be going with an authorized retailer first. Did you refile a claim on Ebay? And share this post with them??

    • Sadly, I determined, based on several of these comparison pics that my Ergo is indeed a fake and I purchased it from an authorized retailer :( I guess it can happen anywhere.

  5. I think the box is just from a different country (see all the different languages). While ensuring you get a real ergo is great – I honestly would not feel scared to use that fake, it looks so close but also in the stitching placement etc. We have this same ergo (bought in a local store) and I have hand made many carriers and tried out many others.

    • Yep – it’s the international box and warning label. I bought an authentic one from Germany and it came in that box and has a similar looking warning label.

      • I purchased one from that matches the description of the “fake” one here (the #1 reason being the different warning label). I contacted BabySteals and got a very quick response (within an hour) that they only sell Ergos directly from Ergobaby, and that there is no way I received a fake one from them. She gave me contact links to Ergobaby directly, and I’m still waiting on response from them. Just wanted to throw out there that mine matches the “fake” here and is from an authorized retailer.

      • I also purchased a Galaxy Grey Ergo from and it matches the description of your “fake” carrier. It came in the same box and looks identical. The warning label, however, says ErgoBaby Europe, Germany, as the origin of the item/label.

        Perhaps it would be better to recommend checking in with ErgoBaby about the authenticity of the item before immediately deeming it a fake.

  6. There is another option. My example is going to be knitting needles. In North America, there is a brand of knitting needles (Addi Turbo), and they are marketed and distributed by a company called Skacel. In Asia, they are sold by a different wholesaler, under the name Addi Primium. In North America, a set of these needles runs around $18. In China, it’s about $3.

    When people started buying them on the Internet from China and paying for shipping to North America, still a huge savings, Skacel freaked and started calling the, fakes. Except they weren’t. They were just being sold in a different country for a much, much different price.

    Eventually, Addi Needles in Germany started manufacturing the needles with three separately colored cords. Blue for North America, red for Europe, gold for Asia. It could very well be that your “fake” ergo is really just manufactured for a different wholesaler for a different market.

  7. The only way to be 100% sure if your Ergo is genuine is to email Babes In Arms and send them photographs of the serial number & warning label. They will check for you. I would never buy a SSC off eBay, there are just too many fakes around.

  8. Wow, great post. Thanks for the info. My Ergo is so old and was purchased long before they became popular so I’ve never worried but at least now I know what to look for.

  9. I’m surprised like others that there are counterfeits out there I just thought that was for shoes and handbags lol. My box and buckle look like the fakes, but I bought from an authorized dealer so I’m not going to worry much beyond that.

  10. Hi! I have a real Ergo and got it in the same box you have on the right in your picture. Everything else is the same as the real ergo’s. I got mine off of The Funky Tricycle.

  11. But….is it comfortable? Does it do the job well? Does it really matter? I mean…really? Seems to me that unless it isn’t comfortable, it’s a soft carrier that does the same thing. I am personally a fan of the Boba 3G, so…but, even so, if I had found one that was as good as the Boba without the price tag, I wouldn’t be bent out of shape about it. I’d say that the only thing that matters is carrying your baby…period. Women have been carrying their babies without brands since the beginning of time.

  12. The box that is ‘fake’ is the same as some legitimate boxes. I have two ergo baby carriers direct from ergo.u (with paperwork to prove it) and they are both the same as the ‘fake’ box. So it c’t simply be said that ethos in that box are fake.

  13. I purchased one from that matches the description of the “fake” one here (the #1 reason being the different warning label). I contacted BabySteals and got a very quick response (within an hour) that they only sell Ergos directly from Ergobaby, and that there is no way I received a fake one from them. She gave me contact links to Ergobaby directly, and I’m still waiting on response from them. Just wanted to throw out there that mine matches the “fake” here and is from an authorized retailer.

    • Did you find out if your Ergo from was a fake? I want to buy a used one from someone that bought theirs there but want to make sure it is real.

      • I can’t speak for Mary, but I ordered an Ergo performance carrier one from last fall, and I do believe it it authentic Ergo. The box, warning label, logo, etc., even where it is made (India) all align with an authentic Ergo carrier. Good luck. I hope you can find one.

  14. Sure if you buy a SSC that ISN’T labelled as Ergo, it would be fine. The problem is that you are NOT supporting Ergo, you are supporting thieves, and god forbid something DOES happen to a child in the fake carrier… you have no where to go. You can’t file a complaint with Ergo, or open a lawsuit if the child is seriously injured. Because its a fake, so Ergo does NOT have to settle anything with you. Anyway, just wanted to toss that out there. Please be careful with what you buy!

    • How many children have you seen that have been injured from carriers and if anything, probably most of the time because of a mistake by a parent. Plus, you basically imply that real Ergo is also not safe but as long as you can sue it is ok. It is not a car and the baby is not moving with you at 80 m/h and you are not 5 floors above for child to injure themselves seriously but anything can happen. Carefulness is most the parent should rely on. Also, i would not call anybody thieves as it seems that everything is made in china in any case and it is hard to tell. I had Ergo that I bought from Amazon and looked pretty cheap to me yet was original. I had also bought strollers that were different for sale in Europe. Ergo would not make money if they would restrict all kinds of distributions and different factories making them.

  15. Posts like these while well-intended are dangerous. Unfortunately, Ergo does manufacture in China … a country well-known for using designs that they are contracted to produce. When you agree to manufacture in China, you pretty much sign over rights to your product design. It is in their very own agreements that you give them access to your patent and design. If they become better at marketing your product.. good for them! That’s the Chinese way.

    One of the reasons I belive they do this is to handle excess raw product that has been improperly dyed, or is flawed in some aesthetic way. Things like mismatched thread for embroidery, stitching, or printed fabric is a great example. The client would reject such flaws… That’s the American way. But that would ordinariily be a cost hit to the supplier. American companies would dispose of mistake materials (one reason manufacturing costs are high), but because China has that clause… they can use them to make aesthetically imperfect items and sell these things as if they were the true product and at least make back their costs.

    At the end of the day, no basement seamstress is going to have the monetary resources required to produce such a close replica. When you say “Fake”, it implies something negative. If that negative thing is nothing more than the tint of dye, then not too many consumers would really care. The thickness of the padding I agree is an issue, but without trying it out to feel the difference, I can’t say.

    Ultimately, if Ergo Baby didn’t want fakes of their products circulating, they’d have kept manufacturing on home soil. God knows people pay enough for these things… in Canada they can be as much as $140.00. I have a hard time believing you can’t manufacture in North America and keep the cost of the final product close to that dollar amount.

    • This is the best reply on this entire thread. With the two being so close, the “fake” has got to be connected to Ergo in some way; not a group of people with no ties to Ergo trying to make a buck. This post and the replies have been very eye-opening.

  16. I agree that if it works well and the stitching is solid, then… who cares if it’s not made by Ergo?

  17. Does it really matter if it’s fake though? I mean aside from the dealer lying? If it’s so identical then who cares about the “brand name” The thing will still do the job right? I dunno just saying…

  18. I’ve been surfing online greater than three hours as of late, yet I by no means discovered any attention-grabbing article like yours. It is pretty worth sufficient for me. In my view, if all site owners and bloggers made just right content material as you probably did, the net will likely be much more useful than ever before.

  19. I think the problem is that “seconds” are being sold through companies authorized by Ergo, while “fakes”, perhaps pretty convincingly made, have no standards for lead or other toxins in their dyes (and I know my baby loves to suck on her carrier) and no safety testing or quality control. I agree, perhaps if Ergo manufactured in the US, there wouldn’t be such a problem with stolen designs, but I heartily disagree with everyone who feels so nonchalant about their baby being carried around, hands-free, in a fake non-tested cheaply made carrier.

  20. The problem with this is that when someone want to sell on a genuine product its very difficult to.
    I purchased my urgo 2.5 years ago before they were really popular over here from a genuine seller.
    fast forward to this year and people are expecting you to provide receipts and invoices to prove thats where u bought it from.
    blooming frustrating.
    Ive decided not to sell mine now!

  21. Working in retail for many years with different companies, I have come to learn that many companies have “economy” lines that consumers know little about. To me this looks as if Ergo may have an economy line of carriers for lower income countries. I don’t think that you necessarily have a fake, but rather and an economy line product.

  22. Ergo has confirmed that this was not made for them: it’s a counterfeit. The reason that is bad not because it’s de facto unsafe (but I sure would assume it has not been safety-tested the way the real Ergo carriers are), but because the counterfeiters are stealing Ergo’s intellectual property and because importing and selling counterfeit goods is illegal. Regarding getting counterfeited being a fact of life in China: yes, they do not have the same cultural understanding of intellectual property there that we have here, so while it may be a fact of life, it doesn’t make it the victim’s fault. Regarding the costs of manufacturing, anybody who has tried to mass-produce anything in the United States or Canada in the past ten years can attest to the fact that it’s near-impossible to do it and make a profit, and that is even if you find a factory with the skills and capacity. There’s very little large-scale manufacturing being done here anymore and we have ourselves to blame for that; if we want things made domestically, we cannot push for cheaper, cheaper, cheaper all the time. I am sure some people will say “but I’m willing to pay more for things that are made here!” That’s great, and maybe you are, but either there aren’t enough people saying that, or people’s actions don’t line up with their words. At the end of the day, a company has to have a decent profit margin or it will cease to exist. The end consumer may pay $130 for an Ergo, the stores that sell them to consumers (and buy them from Ergo) need to make a profit as well, distributors in other countries, sale reps; there’s quite an infrastructure that needs to be supported to get products out in the world where people can see and buy them. The vast majority of companies don’t make things in China to gouge us, they do it so they can meet our price demands and still remain profitable.

    • This has nothing to do with Ergos, but there is a very compelling reason why American consumers are scavenging for ever-cheaper products: wages have remained flat while costs of living have skyrocketed, for enough decades now, that what was the middle class is now the working poor. We aren’t scrabbling after the cheapest price because we’d rather!

  23. i didn’t read all the comments, but if someone is looking for a deal…i bought my ergo from ergo by calling their phone line and seeing if they had any used carriers. they often have used ones that they re-certify and sell themselves. i believe i got it for around $75-80 including shipping.

  24. Some of these differences are SO subtle I can’t believe you can actually tell…maybe it’s the photos. I just ordered an Ergo from ebay & the seller contacted me to say that he just learned that it might be a fake. According to the other websites I looked at, it appears to be authentic (the box, the warning label, the strap, the zipper, the manufacture tag, etc.). The only things that match the pictures you have are the stitching holding the straps (the shape, not the color of the thread) & the ‘wonky’ stitching on the waist strap. Is this still a counterfeit?

  25. I was duped by a fake ergo on ebay as well (same style – galaxy grey). Thank you so much for this post. I was able to challenge it, and the seller was forced to refund my money. I am now making it my mission to contact other people who have bought counterfeit ergos from the same (and other) sellers and link them to your blog. Make them pay by having to refund lots of money. Help spread the word (ebay only lets you send 5 messages a day, so I’m limited on my ability to do this alone)!

  26. Did anyone receive a fake black/camel one? Or can anyone compare? I ordered one for a friend with my account and paid for it right away because I knew she was good for the money, then after searching online (something I normally do before!) came across this blog. The seller does accept returns, less shipping, but I’m convinced the one I’m about to receive will be a fake. Just wondering if anyone ordered a black/camel and could point out how they knew? Thanks!

  27. Thank you for posting. Thanks to you I was able to confirm that my purchase is indeed a fake. It’s terrible that this company was able to get away with this. Especially when a baby’s safety is now at stake!

  28. THANK YOU for this posting! i was just about to purchase one on a mazon when i stumbled upon your writeup. thank you for such a thorough writeup – now i will either go directly to ergobaby website or to a physical store for my purchase!

  29. I am sad to say that I bought a fake one at a reputable retailer in my area. There were even dozens of fake AND ‘real’ ones all displayed for me to chose from. I tried on several and I just HAPPEN to pick the fake out of the bunch. Just my luck. It holds my 7 month old just fine and I dont have the money to replace it. Looks like I am going to be sporting a fake one till my bank account allows me to purchase a real one. Cest Le Vie.

  30. Thank you for the information! I think I bought a fake one from I didn’t realize I was buying from a retailer in China. It was too good to be true.. the thing is that I have used it several times and I noticed that the waist strip loosens quite a bit (this is a serious flaw) and the waist foam is completely deformed from my baby’s weight. I suppose that this has happened because it is a fake… Did you have any similar experience?
    I am trying now to get my money back…

  31. I am currently dealing with a counterfeit issue via ebay. I know my fault, I should have just went to babiesrus and got a sure thing but as a mommy of 2 I was looking to save a little money. Anyway, any advice you can give me for dealing with ebay and paypal? Thank you!


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  34. Thanks so much for your post!! I just bought an Ergo on ebay (black and camel color) and have discovered it’s a fake — a very good fake, just like yours. The major sign was the shoulder padding (much thinner than a real Ergo). The overall quality feels cheap especially the straps that you tighten. I know one washing in the machine and this thing is toast. The box is the same as yours (with typos!). I told the seller it’s a counterfeit and she tried telling me its a 2010 model–what a liar!! Dishonest people suck!! I will spread the word to not buy off of eBay!

  35. With regard to the article ‘how to spot a fake ergo’, I would like to point out that, the so called ‘fake’ ergo carrier in the images is actually a model that was meant for the European market and not the American market. The images do not show any manufacturing flaws, only slight differences, which would be obvious for different international markets, ie. The box rear on the so called fake box is written in English(UK). German, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish. The other is written in English(us) and Spanish. The waist band indicates the same.
    The comments written by the Ergobaby person are based on questions guided by the writer of the article and are not based on actually witnessing the so called ‘fake’.
    This article is misleading and should not be used as a guide to spotting a fake.

      • But, it wouldn’t benefit them to be honest and say, “yes, our European line is sold for less” or “Yes, we’ve authorized the Chinese manufacturer to sell ‘seconds’ to recoup some cost. As much as I LOVE my Ergo, I don’t necessarily trust their “we don’t authorize this” response. This post and the comments have been really eye-opening! Thank you for beginning this discussion.

    • I’m surprised to see you say this, since it was quite clear that the Ergo representative did indeed witness the fake by looking at all the many detailed pictures posted here and even said it was the best place pointing out differences she had seen yet, although there are many other variations in the telltale fake signs. What your comment says to me is that you feel Ergo is passing along an inferior quality carrier to the European market, and you are OK with that. But it’s clear to me the straps and the stitching do not meet the same quality, and from the Ergo representative they don’t have different carriers for different markets.

    • Please tell me what your saying is correct, and my beloved carrier can be hailed once more. I love my lil green performance carrier.

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  37. Wow, thanks for this post and the one thing that surprises me most is some of the comments in opposition to your article. Wow, who would care that much to lobby so hard for a counterfeit product?? Certainly those making money off of it is the answer. Thanks for helping those of us who want to pay for and receive an authentic product!

  38. Thank you so much! I was actually just in the process of buying an Ergo off ebay and knew there were some definate differences, I even saw one that said “The Ergo Baby Carrier” on the tag. After looking and looking I have decided to buy a brand new one from a retailer. Again, thanks for the helpful tips!

  39. After reading this blog and others, I became concerned that the Original Organic model we purchased through an Amazon seller was a fake. While there were a number of details about the packaging, manual, and warranty card that were very different from those of the Ergobaby Infant Insert we purchased at a retail store, it was the fact that the warning label in the actual carrier said “Made In Vietnam” that really stood out. The conversation between this blog and Ergobaby had lead me to believe that ALL carriers are made in either China or India, so I contacted the company. I provided a long list of the details I found suspicious, including the cheap looking black and white manual, stickers instead of printed product information on the box and warranty card, total lack of the Hawaiian company address anywhere on the manual or box (among many others) all in direct contrast to the Infant Insert packaging, manual and warranty card. And of course, listed first among them was the Made In Vietnam labels. They replied to my inquiry with a request for detailed photos of the carrier, the buckles, snaps, liner, tags, etc, which I provided. I then received a (rather terse, in my opinion) response from Ergobaby that my carrier was in fact, authentic. That’s it. No explanation of the many details about the packaging or reassurance that they do have manufacturing in Vietnam, nothing. I think that the carrier may well be authentic, it does not seem to be poorly made, but I do wonder if it is a model intended for international sale, which would explain the nearly completely different packaging etc. However, if I were a company who was struggling with a counterfeit problem, especially of a product whose consumers are highly sensitive the safety aspect of that product, I would make a greater effort to explain the concerns brought to me by my customers, and more readily provide ACCURATE information on the country(ies) where it is manufactured, and the existence of items packaged for other markets than the US. Ergobaby may have a great product, but their customer service, at least on this issue, leaves a lot to be desired.

  40. Eeeeeek my head is spinning now! I’m from the UK. I bought my carrier, from what I thought was a very genuine lady. I spoke to her as well as communicated online. I have an ergo performance. Is mine a counterfeit, as it has the dodgy label and box. I feel gutted as I have genuinely enjoyed the quality and everything about this carrier. This was the carrier that had me fall in love with baby wearing on my last baby number four only. Please tell me it’s not a fake? I love this carrier.

    • If you live in Europe, your box and warning label will be different. I had a real Ergo that was from Europe (the colorway wasn’t available from a US vendor) and it had the different box and label.

  41. In fact I just sold my 100% genuine Boba tweet bought in January, used a handful of times, in favor of the now suspect carrier, as I deemed it in my opinion to be the more comfy and quality product.

  42. This is a great post, I love reading all the comments! I have one older ‘real’ carrier, and one that may or may not be ‘fake’. Although, after reading the comments, I’m not sure if I’m bothered by what ‘fake’ might be :)

  43. I am planning to buy an Ergo Black/Camel from a local online store. It has a small rip on the lower/waist strap which the seller claims as a factory overrun so its being sold at half the original price. Those bags with defects are included in the bulk order they purchase from another source I guess and instead of returning them which will cost them double they just sell it at a cheaper price. I just want to know if their excuse is valid. If ergo really sell factory overrun. Thanks!

    • Don’t do it! Sounds fishy to me. From the email direct from the Ergo representative that is quoted above, “Now getting back to claims ERGObaby is selling flawed carriers for cheaper is just not true.” If you really want to know for sure for sure, call Ergo. They can verify. (Although frankly, “half the price” of an original ergo is what, $60 or so? If this online seller of yours bought FAKES he would only be paying around $40 for an unflawed fake, and I’m betting even less for a fake with a rip. So if you really don’t mind getting a fake Ergo, which I don’t recommend, you could still pay less than he is asking for a Fake in better condition than that. Just my two cents.)

  44. I’ve never commented on this blog before and just happened to come across it randomly. But I want to comment because this goes along with some interesting information I learned recently involving bridesmaid dresses being shipped directly from China. My sister and I spent hours online culling through sites for dresses for her wedding. My mom was very nervous about ordering direct from China, but my feeling was that all dresses are coming from China anyway. Why pay a middle man like David’s Bridal? One thing I found out in my reading and it applies here as well is that it does matter. American companies who have factories in China maintain a certain level of humanity in the plant. Ergo makes a point on their site that they have reps monitoring human rights issues in their plants overseas. Chinese sweatshops that produce fakes do not have any such concerns or constraints, which is why they are able to produce a cheaper product. These companies also don’t have to spend time and money developing a product and testing it for safety. Simply put, they are stealing an Amercian design and making money off it without any sweat equity into the design process. Even though China has no laws against such practice, it’s still called theft here.
    I am all for being budget conscious. It’s how my family lives with six kids on a single income from the construction industry. However, when it comes to the question of why does it matter if it holds up your baby, it matters not because brand and fashion are paramount but because purchasing a fake means encouraging the theft of someone’s ingenuity and the inhumane treatment of other human beings so that we can save $40.
    Incidentally, we ended up ordering dresses from David’s Bridal.

  45. I just ordered an Ergo Baby Organic in Green River Rock from an ebay seller literally an hour ago. I guess I’ll see when it comes. After reading through all these comments, though, I’m inclined to believe that Ergo does produce slightly different products for different international markets. I’m actually dismayed that I even bought an Ergo at this point. I would have much rather purchased a carrier from a domestic manufacturer. But I know some things to look for in regards to whether or not mine will be fake and for that I thank you. The pictures the seller posted seem as if it is indeed legitimate. She stated though that was manufactured in 2011 and bears some minor physical differences from current Ergo Baby carriers (she listed the differences). That has me suspicious, but I am confident that I took the steps necessary to protect myself (purchase qualifies for Ebay Buyer Protection, I used Paypal, and I used a credit card). Only reason I resorted to Ebay in the first place was because many retailers no longer carry the color choice I want. I get my Ergo Friday. Fingers crossed I have a quality product.

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  47. Hello! Has anybody here bought an ergo baby options carrier? I have bought the options cover and it did not fit on the carrier, i’m wondering if it could be because the carrier i bought was a fake one too? Please if anyone has experienced this, let me know, thank you!

  48. If it is too good to be true!! It is a Fake. Authorized Ergo Dealers are not permitted to sell on EBAY. If it is a current model with new Logo and it has a retail of $115.00, it is $115.00. If you see this advertised way low! It is fake or somehow not from an authorized retailer and something fishy is going on.

    No one will sell product and lose money. Simple as that. Would you?

  49. Its such as you learn my mind! You appear to know so much approximately this, such as you wrote the ebook in it or something.
    I think that you just can do with some % to pressure the message
    house a bit, however instead of that, that is magnificent blog.
    A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.

  50. Hi! Just wanted to say I am having the exact same issue! I ordered the Mystic Purple one from Sears who sold it through a sketchy third party called Skkyemall. After not receiving it for weeks I ordered an overnight one from Target (similar price). Once I finally received the Skkyemall/Sears one (like 2-3 weeks past the delivery date) it was clear there was a difference in the two carriers. I emailed Ergobaby who confirmed that the Target one was legit and the Sears/Skkyemall one was a counterfeit. I am now fighting with Sears/Skkyemall to get my refund. The item was confirmed returned over a week ago and still nothing. I will never shop Sears again just on principle as this has been a horrible shopping experience! But I found similarities and differences just like yours above, its scary how the knockoffs look so similar. One big detector for mine was that there was no tag inside the seam of the hood pocket in the counterfeit one. Shame on Sears and whoever this Skkyemall person is! Thanks for your info so I knew where to look to compare!

  51. Hello,

    After reading your post on fake Ergo Carriers I freaked out and called Ergo about an Ergo I recently purchased at a big name store. they confirmed mine was not fake. So just wanted to let you know Ergos are also made in Vietnam now and not all buckles say stealth on them.

    Thanks for the post though…

    • Well LC, this post is over a year old now. What you are saying applies to the newest Ergos, so the majority of this information is still relevant and helpful for those with models similar to the poster. Manufacturers of fakes are always innovating and tweaking their imitations to make it more difficult to tell. Some fakes are more similar than others. Contacting Ergo directly is always the most certain way to be sure whether or not you have a fake, or making sure to buy directly from an authorized retailer (with the exception of the Target scams and scams).

  52. Hi there very nice blog!! Guy .. Beautiful ..
    Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your website and take the feeds also? I am glad to search out a lot of useful information right here within the put up, we need develop more strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

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  54. I cant believe my Ergo carrier that I have purchased from Ebay is completely fake.

    I worn everyone who purchases one from Ebay to please be aware of the counterfeit ones. My warning label is in the middle on the inside of the carrier. The zippers dont have the ergo logo on it. Im really disappointed.

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  56. I had a similar experience recently!
    I followed your lead and made a post about it!


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  58. I’m so confused! I have bought two Ergo Organic Carriers, one from Ergo Europe’s website direct and one from a store they recommend as an authorised stockist. While one is the newer style and one is the older pre October 2012 style, after researching how to spot a fake, they both have some questionable bits, is there anyway either can be a fake?!

  59. Do you have any info regarding third generation carriers? My sister gave me a galaxy grey and I’m wondering if its a fake. Are any of these made in Vietnam?

  60. To the Sept poster about Europe carriers… no, not likely – some of the ‘questionable’ issues mentioned in this blog are just European carrier things (different box, warning label etc).

  61. Would just like to say that your observation and assumption that the word “stealth” must be present on the buckle is incorrect. I have 2 carriers, both purchased at authorized retailers, one verified by ergo customer support, and neither has the word “stealth” on it. My advice to anyone looking to verify a carrier, contact ergo directly! They are more than happy to help!

  62. I just got a fake Ergo off of Ebay, and am starting a dispute now. The one I got looks so good I really thought I got lucky. The stitching is the same color as the fabric, the boxed stitching is good like on the real ones, all the buckles and the zipper has the logo, the decorative stitching is good, even the bar code on the box pulls up the same Ergo when scanned with the Amazon app on my phone. What really clued me in was the pictures on the box. The pictures of the “Ergo” on the box were slightly blurred and the logo on the “Ergo” was photo shopped into the picture. Upon closer inspection the strap padding also seemed a little thin and like it fell short of where it should have. The counterfeiters are getting good at making these Fergos look like real Ergos. If you have any concern that you may have a fake Ergo e-mail Ergobaby directly with pictures and they can tell you with 100% certainty.

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  64. I agree there are counterfeits for most of famous products like Ergobaby, but you have to agree with me that a baby carrier doesn’t worth $140. this is crazy. But we know well that companies sell their products on very high prices once their products become popular ( of course because of quality) BUT for the sake of God 140 bucks for a baby carrier, isnt’t that like paying 50% for the carrier and the other 50% for the name ? Like when you buy smth. from Armani, Michael Korse ….
    So honestly the difference between real and fake is almost FAKE. So personally if I decide to buy one, I’ll get one at half of the price.

    • When a person pays $140 for a designer carrier, they are supporting the inventor of that product, to pay $69 for a copy doesn’t do justice to the original designer and the investment they made. The copy may be worth about $20 compared to similar generic carriers. The point is, fakes may be close to real but the counterfeiters shouldn’t be rewarded for the effort in making the design. It’s not easy to come up with a design and make $ facing China.

  65. Hi i have purchased my ergo havent used it yet but came across this site and wanted to know if you could help me? Ive been trying to compare everything you have posted to compare mines but dont have 2 ergos side by side, and so far everything you have posted mines fall within the authentic one except for the buckles which is suppose to say something inside and since i dont have another carrier to compare mines to for the shoulder straps how would i suppose to know the thickness for the straps????
    I have pics of my carrier but dont know why it wont load please contact me

  66. Wow never thought someone would fake an ergo. Honestly I never thought they were in my budget till I found one at a TJMaxx and at Marshalls. They were selling the organic ones for $60, wasn’t until I actually looked into it that I realized someone was faking them. While the buckles don’t say stealth, the warning label and box all have the correct info. It appears the logo is correct as well. I still emailed them to double check and will keep a copy of the email response for when I resell it.

  67. I’ve read the article and many of the comments. While I’ve since given my Ergo away to my brother and sister-in-law (so I can’t check to make sure) I can surmise that mine is likely a “fake” as I purchased it off Baby Steals like some of the other posters.

    A couple of years before I bought mine, my sister bought a full priced Ergo from an authorized dealer. She has said, hands down, that mine was the better carrier. More comfortable, washed better and felt more secure when carrying her children.

    So, even if a fake, I’m pretty happy with the product and outside of warning people NOT to pay full price unless they were sure its the real deal because that is important to them, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the same thing at the same price again. And, after 4 years my “fake” still looks new while my sister’s authentic one looks tired (her’s is 6 years old).

    If you have a “fake” I wouldn’t freak out too much.

  68. Could you please edit this post to reflect the fact that a warning label that in and of itself does not guarantee a fake Ergo? That is the exact warning label produced on Ergos sold in Europe, as I have confirmed from Ergo themselves. Authentic Ergos, by the official distributor. Many people will see this blog post and immediately assume that an authentic Ergo isn’t based solely on that warning label. I’m not saying the one you received was authentic–all the crappy stitching is enough of a clue that it wasn’t!! But the warning label is not indicative of a problem, and this could result in a bunch of people refusing to buy used authentic Ergos that were sold in Europe!!!


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